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Recently, the Sultana Historic Preservation Society, Inc. acquired the 1939 Marion School Auditorium-Gymnasium for renovation as the future home of the permanent Sultana Disaster Museum. Utilizing the talents of Haizlip Studio of Memphis, TN, a team of architects, planners, and exhibit designers will work on state-of-the-art concepts to be presented in this 17,000 square foot facility. With a more accessible location, the historic building with ceilings nearing 35 feet offers ample capacity for a new, modern, high-tech museum, that will entertain and educate visitors of all ages.  It also allows us to preserve and re-purpose one of the most historical buildings in eastern Arkansas. To learn more about the historic building, click here.


Click through the slideshow below to see the designs for the new museum.

Want to help support the fundraising efforts for the future museum?

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